Working with Jim Calder

Working with Jim was a lot of fun. We did various exercises which mainly focused on working in our listening and working on our responses for them to be as automatic and organic as possible. We did another exercise where we sat in a circle and told a story and the people around would complete or add on to our story and we would say yes to what they would say and keep going with the story as fast as we could because he said the more we thought about it the less organic our response would be, it needed to come from our core. My favorite one was “the trash can” exercise. It consisted on seeing a trash can and imagining that we were desperately and deeply in love with it and we had to express it and if we touched it we “died”. It was great because we needed to use a lot of energy and when we got to do scene work and add text it was a nice metaphor and it really helped to think about thriving for the same energy with my scene partner. I enjoyed that we got to play a lot and he also helped us to find more specific choices within our work. One thing I also liked but was challenging at the time is that most of the exercises are made for us to fail, they’re supposed to be impossible but we still have to attempt to do them. The work we did with him helped me train my specificity, listening and commitment in a very playful way. 19875203_10155029596579775_5104661000902291595_n

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