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Kissing The Floor

by ellen mclaughlin

directed by ianthe demos

movement director: Natalie Lomonte

World premiere

February 23 – March 12, 2023 at Theater Row (theater 4) – Tickets on sale now

Cast: Leon Ingulsrud, Christina Bennett Lind, Akyiaa Wilson, Rinde Eckert
Assistant Director: Nadja Leonhard-Hooper
Set Designer: James Hunting
Sound Designer: Brendan Aanes
Lighting Designer: Driscoll Otto
Costume Designer: Kenisha Kelly
Production Manager: Omri Bareket
Stage Manager: Vanessa Rebeil
Assistant Stage Manager: Melissa Sparks

Press Rep: David Gibbs/DARR Publicity

Kissing the Floor is a radical retelling of the Antigone myth. Set in Depression Era America, the play investigates the relationships among a set of siblings, all survivors of their family’s agonized, infamous legacy. Annie and her disturbed and disturbing brother, Paul, are knotted together by fate and a tortured love as their sister Izzy and their brother Eddie look on with dismay and all too much understanding. Can one extricate oneself from a terrible past? What do we owe those who share our blood, however tainted?

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