Week One Workshare

For those of us not yet assigned a group composition, week one’s Workshare was uncharted territory. While many of us have experience devising in a group, this was our first real experiment with the material we have learned together as a company.


Our instructions for this response to The Life of Galileo were as follows:

1. Must be 3-5 minutes in length.
2. Must include a revelation of space.
3. Contraction/compression.
4. Expansion.
5. An everyday ritual.
6. A moment of musical harmony.
7. A surprise entrance.
8. A moment that defies gravity.
9. An act of violence.
10. A feeling of insignificance.
11. A feeling of omnipotence.
12. An irreparable rupture.
13. Chaos.
14. Order.

Worn-down, stiff, sore, flustered, and frustrated from a week of physical, mental, and creative exertion there was really only one approach to this assignment given only hours prior- “get ‘er done.” Jumping in with both feet, the doing of it was a gratifying challenge. Incorporating all required elements while creating a story that was compelling and concise required not only discussion but a willingness to do and try and curb one’s ego. With twenty-two cooks in the kitchen, darling ideas were butchered with loving hands. While many of us had differing visions and ideas, we all wanted so terribly for it to work.

Happily, when it came time to deliver our work to the OYL company we had come to a piece that, for that moment, we were pleased with and proud to present.

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