Vikos Gorge Hike

unnamedThe Vikos Gorge hike was one of the most challenging things I ever done. Going done hill was fun and I really enjoyed climbing over the rocks. The best part however was reaching the beautiful water at the bottom of the gorge. It was the bluest water I’d ever seen and not was it cold but laying in the sun string at the magnificent mountains with my toes dipped in the river is one of those wonderful memories I’ll never forget. It almost makes me forget about the vic arious hike back to Papingo from that river. I’m not that athletic so the steep hills were challenging for me;however, I had great people right along with me encouraging me to keep going and keeping me company. I absolutely could not have done it without them and now I get to brag that after 30,607 steps, 11.9 miles, and the equivalent of 211 flights of stairs, thank you iPhone health app, I made it through!!!!

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