The Darker the Night, The Brighter the Stars

What I know:
My travel size toiletries are nearly empty

What I don’t know:
When I will see most of these beautiful theatre-makers after tomorrow

What I learned:
Being in love with 34 people all at once is entirely possible

Never before have I cried and had the tears stream up over my eyebrows, onto my forehead, and into my hair.  But I’ve also never looked at the Greek mountains upside down while Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now was sung to me.

photo by Gideon Mendel
photo by Gideon Mendel

Yesterday was our final performance of Six Seeds, taking place in Megalo Papingo – a village we have come to know and love over the past month.  The morning was filled with our individual presentations, reflections, responses, and gifts of gratitude to each other and the company for the incredible experience this program has provided.

What contrast we have experienced here.  What an inexplicable in-between Papingo is, in comparison to the numerous places from where we all travelled to get here. And as I squeeze the last bit of soap out of my travel size bottles, I have come to realize that I will fully understand the impact this program has had on my life beginning in about a month’s time.

Now that may seem counterintuitive, understanding that we have been challenged to remain present for the past month, but honestly, the side effects of this apprenticeship will show up after I return home.

How this program, the people, the practice, the place, the present
Will stay with me forever
In different manifestations
At different times
In different presents, if you will.

This place is magical
These people are magical
And when completely surrounded by all this magic, we performed our last show.
Spreading a message of hope to all that welcomed us and allowed us to welcome them.


Afterwards, the village leaders prepared a feast for us.
Right in the church courtyard where we have spent the majority of our time
Rehearsing, memorizing, preparing
Sweating, bleeding, crying, finger-painting, moving
And afterwards
We danced under the stars
In the church courtyard
In Megalo Papingo
In Greece
In the Mediterranean
In Europe
In the Eastern Hemisphere
In the World
In the Solar System
In the Milky Way
In the Universe

Life is so short
And we are so small
But whether or not we arrived here with wings on our feet
Each one of us sure is leaving with them.

— Taylor

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