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Track: “Married Life” from UP [Three animals enter the space, curious and cautious of each other. They attempt to jump in unison, finally succeeding. They

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Alarm bit Jake reads Missy’s Instagram post Missy: So before I start I’ll just say I haven’t one this whole “talking for a minute thing”

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Learning How to Trust

composition from Gracie Brakeman and Alicia Nelson The Suzuki Slow Walk A Mirror Image A leap of faith The Jellyfish Note from Gracie and Alicia: Our

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Fernando stands facing the mountains at the edge of the space. The audience watch his back from afar. He turns.  FERNANDO: I have thoughts about

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OneYearLease, Terms of Use

Papingo 2016 – A Welcome

Throughout the summer, we experience many significant events that range in size and scope. This year’s blog allows our apprentices the space and the time to

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