Strong Bodies, Strong Minds, Strong Ensemble


Today marks two weeks of living in the wonderland of Greece. We’re tired, we’re sore, we’re constantly rolling around in the dirt, and more and more each day we’re becoming stronger individuals and a strong ensemble. Nick, one of OYL’s company members, has been leading us in Suzuki which is pushing us physically and forcing us to not give up on ourselves. Our bodies have been challenged by planking, squatting, and rising while shouting Dante to the mountains, but after we were given a great break of guided meditation instead of our usual yoga. Through this practice, we were able to connect to ourselves and clear our minds of anything bothering us (which is important to do here, seeing as being closed in by these magnificent mountains can also make one feel very small and claustrophobic).


This week also marked the beginning of our rehearsals for Bryony Lavery’s Six Seeds, the play we are producing and performing at 4 surrounding villages. Today was a great breakthrough for us finding and forming our chorus and cohesively creating the beginning of our story. The use of the Greek Chorus in itself brings an ensemble together and the specific direction in which Ianthe is taking us adds incredible amounts of physicality that literally and figuratively link us and force us to be close in more ways than one. We are continuing to love this place with all our hearts. The convenience store supplies us with our fix of ice cream cones, the tzatziki comes in continuous waves to satisfy us, the sunsets still take our breath away every time, Bella (our dog best friend) begs for us to pet her all over town, the children teach us Greek, the rocks can write, and we keep climbing the mountains, day after day…

— Jessie

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