Storybook Land


I like to call this place storybook land because, first of all… this place is magical! The nature is so powerful and beautiful that it almost doesn’t seem real. The second reason being it is filled with a bunch of storytellers, and today we spent a lot of time discussing myths and seeing how many different stories, tales and versions there are within the same myth.

The Greek myths that we have been researching are Persephone, Daedalus, Icarus and Pandora. I find it fascinating that we can be working on one myth that has been told through generations and countless places, yet whatever way we choose to tell the story will be different. Because this is happening here and now, and each individual is different and our ensemble is different. The process has been pretty exciting that with somewhat of a structure, there is so much freedom and possibilities within.

In the morning we started off with a clowning class and we did a chair exercise where one person walks up, sits down, says a word, and then walks off stage. The person behind must observe them and then try to imitate exactly and specifically what they just saw. But it is fascinating because however similar and exact their choices are, it will still be different on one body to the next. Then the next person goes on imitating them, and so on and so on until the movement and simplicity of the first walk on, sit down, walk off has been transformed. It is very fascinating to witness and also brings back the idea that we are all unique no matter what. Therefore our story will be different even if we are working on a myth that has been worked on again and again.

Another exercise we did today was writing our own memories of a nightmare, and then sharing them with a group and using them to create a piece. We did two different versions of the nightmare. The first version being whoever’s nightmare it was being the central character, and then switching roles. Again there were different variations, different possibilities and not one right way or wrong way to do it. Especially since everyone brings a different energy and perspective to the table, it’s really fascinating to see what happens when the canvas gets one or more artist creating the same painting.

With all this research, ideas, different point’s of views, myths, bodies, voices architecture, space and the process still continuing, it is exciting to see where this journey is heading!


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