“Say My Name”

Two days ago, the OYL apprentices and I explored our voices and names, which sounds simple in theory, but had a profound impact on me.  We started off the day with the sun now in the sky, as we layer down on our yoga mats in Megalo. I remember feeling the deep breaths expand my lungs and revive me for the new day of activities.

“Voice is not about pushing or loudness, but about allowing,” Danny said at the end of the lesson.

Each day is about allowing myself to be present to all my abilities and using them to their fullest. I loved the idea of connecting to breath being equivalent to connecting to our inner truth.

Our day moved on and we met Georgia, who introduced to an extremely fun and quick paced Greek [Cretan, specifically] dance. I loved the movement as out of breath as I was by the end.  THe thing I noticed was how connected you have to stay during the dance, how lifted and open you have to be to everyone’s motions.  I liked to idea of this being a “labyrinth” because of how interconnected we all are and when we really connect, we are almost like a trap.

We then moved on to a portion of the day where we said our names, but not in the way one would expect.  Gerogia got us all to say our names in different ways, explore the sounds, [share its origins] and really take ownership of them.  I had the chance to sing my name, and it was an amazing experience to hear and move to it like I had never done before. I heard everyone pronounce their name how they really wanted it to be pronounced, and saw the joy when people spoke their real name back to them.

– Anisha

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