Rash Dash

Listen: This Heart (https://www.rashdash.co.uk/music/) 


Energy. Kindness. Curiosity. Eagerness. Softness. Strength. How do I learn to let myself trust others to hold my weight and trust them to hold me… while I’m holding them? 

No mirrors! There’s no one watching… so you must LISTEN to your body. Don’t move (dance) for movements’ sake! Move in ways that FEEL some kind of way, not because they LOOK good or creative or flashy. That said, find balance; be impulsive but take notice of your habits. Become aware of your physical habits and make an effort to work beyond (above, below, through) them. Listen to what YOU(R BODY) want from someone and try to get it WHILE listening to what they want or need and whether you’re going to give it to them or not. IMMERSE yourself in the variables, PLAY, EXPLORE. Touch feel listen. Start there with your senses. Discover movement, explore using dynamics like intensity, speed, resistance, eye contact. Don’t try to put a story on top of it from the beginning. With addition of these elements, a relationship will begin to simmer and a story can blossom. Activate your body in ways that allow space for the mind. Follow through. Commit. Trust. Open. Hear. Go. 

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