Rash Dash Workshops

IMG_8376I didn’t know what to expect from the Rash Dash workshops, but they exceeded any expectations I had from the anticipatory remarks I overheard. Not only have we learned so much from the three women the past two workshops, but I left each one smiling. We started these workshops with a game that usually ended up with all of us dissolving into laughter. We then moved on to learning songs that center around the themes of “Life of Galileo” such as a Galileo song and a song with a three part harmony based on Virginia’s almost nonexistent plot line. After learning their songs, they broke us into groups to write our own songs based upon prevalent themes in the play that we really connect with. My group is writing a song about the concept of time in the play. To be honest, it is pretty bad right now, but I’m excited for the next Rash Dash workshop to see how our song turns out!  We also played with the idea of resistance and how that comes in handy when building character physicality. We so far have covered everything from singing to Zumba-type warmups to songwriting to throwing our bodies onto one another to messing up tongue twisters. I can’t wait to use the skills I learned from them in the future and to see what our next workshop holds for us!

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