Pizza Pringle Moon

Yesterday morning we began our series of playwrighting workshops with Bryony Lavery. Typically, the idea of reading my writing aloud petrifies me and I was a little nervous starting the workshop. But then Bryony’s beautiful words quickly eased my fears.

bryony workshop

She shared a realization of hers with us. Playwright is only one of ­­­­seven other words ending in wright: millwright, shipwright, wainwright, wheelwright, cartwright, ploughwright, and wagonwright. Being a playwright is not about being precious with the art you are creating but being a craftsperson, crafting a cart to carry actors on a journey to a final product. And thus began a fabulous first workshop.

We discovered how surprisingly compelling it is to hear a list of all the things someone tastes in a morning or all of the things they smell. That simple list already tells a story and creates character.

We moved on to create a short play all together: Mikro Papingo, A Play in Five Senses. We are growing stronger as an ensemble every day and the power and magic of collaborating is becoming more and more evident.

We continue to rehearse Six Seeds. Two of the big challenges of this piece are learning the text in Greek and adapting the play to new spaces. We are working hard shouting out Greek words very loudly and slowly across café patios to our gracious Greek language professional, Meropi Papastergiou. We are working hard practicing our work in different spaces so that we learn to work together to take advantage of the architecture around us. This work is hard but is constantly strengthening our awareness muscles and us as a company.

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And of course all of this hard work has its many rewards when you’re in a place as magical as Papingo. We shared a delicious meal with the entire company and apprentice company. Taking advantage of this beautiful place, we treated ourselves to a dip in the watering hole. We spent the majority of our walk back with our necks craned, staring at the immense, incredible night sky, managing to catch one or two shooting stars. Meanwhile, we also were keeping tabs on the moon on this walk back. A beautiful crecent moon glowed more and more golden as we walked….and then was glowing darker….orange? How was it changing colors so fast? Pizza pringle orange?? Yes. Definitely. Are we watching a sunset on the moon? I think so. As we reached Mikro, we were still checking in. It continued to darken and then was getting smaller? We debated whether we were witnessing an eclipse or simply the moon setting behind the mountains as it disappeared from our sight entirely. Either way, we witnessed it together and restored our sense of wonder for a moment.

There are gifts this place gives us everyday and we strive to keep receiving them even when we’re tired, hot, frustrated, sunburned, dirty, etc. etc.

How lucky we are.

— Madeline

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