Pie with Iro

I met Iro, the older woman who owns the house I call home in Mikro Papingo, when I first arrived. She kept giving me her cherry preserves and I gave her a Kashi granola bar from the US as a thank you. When I found out I would get to spend more time with her to make pies and have Christina there to translate, I was thrilled! She is such a beautiful, fun, and welcoming woman. She taught my roommates and I how to make hortopita and then we made some cheese pies after as a bonus. We got to roll the dough this time and she brought it over to us the next morning for breakfast. I’ve seen her out at Dias with her husband and at John’s photography lecture. She’s social and a truly positive presence. I’ve met her friend Alexandra, her nephew Vasilis, and her friend Francis all through living at Iro’s. When making pies, we spoke about Papingo. It was so interesting to learn that at one point in time this entire area was underwater and the Pindas mountains were underwater rocks. She told us that she wants people to know about the nomadic life of Papingo when we asked her. She grew up here and knows what it is like to travel to different places for the season change, which made me think of the traditional Mongolian nomadic life that my dad’s relatives lived. I’m so happy I can call her home my home for this month and got to connect with her through this pie making experience.


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