Mutual Becoming

Mutually Becoming

Let me start by saying that although I am a storyteller, I am not a writer. However, one of the OYL company members, the lovely Nicole Wood, told me that her mother used to say, “We know what we need to know exactly when we need to know it.” And right now I don’t really know how to articulate my experiences in Greece to you, but I’ll try anyway. The words aren’t important.

One of the reasons I think it’s difficult for me to talk about my work as an actor is because I don’t view it as work. For me, acting is simply playing. And while playing for hours and hours can be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting, I wouldn’t say it’s hard. It’s natural and easy once one remembers how to play. The challenging aspect is simply letting oneself play, and later learning to heighten the play.

I find that the work we’ve been doing so far is equally, if not more rewarding than it is challenging. In just one week I’ve felt myself grow immensely as an artist and I’ve learned to trust other apprentice members to support me when I need it. One of our assignment descriptions, which I believe was written by Gabrielle Cody (who unfortunately couldn’t make it to Greece this year), sums up what I think ensemble work is all about. It says this, “You make them, they make you, it is all a process of mutual becoming.” I’m incredibly grateful to be here amongst such wonderful people, becoming whatever it is we will become.

– Amy Gonzales

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