Mountain Tea Picking

The early morning air of July 7 in Mikro Papingo, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was at that point the earliest I had been up and moving in Papingo – around 5am. I was at that time unsure of where and how I fit in with this apprentice company or with anything in Papingo. I had been absolutely in awe of everything around me since arriving, and I was extremely grateful to be on this journey; however, I hadn’t quite found a groove or felt like myself. The mountain tea hike changed that for me.

19905103_10155029579954775_1300785995801771403_nThe hike up the mountain in the early morning; exploring up the mountain and searching for tea gave me a connection to nature that I had never really felt before. It made me feel more in tune with myself and my relationship to everything around me. I will never forget the cool breeze before the sun rose above the mountain. I will never forget the smell of the mountain tea and the wildflowers growing along the path. I will never forget the friends I was able to share the hike with, the new friends I made that day. I will never forget this company and this journey I am blessed to be a part of.

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