Morning Walk – Marissa Nappo

The walk from Mikro to Megalo in full is about 25-30 minutes so do I take the long way? Do I take the shortcut that’s gonna cut off 7-10 minutes? Do I walk with other people? Or listen to music and walk alone? What is going to get me ready for this rehearsal day? And the answer to that is: There is no right answer! Plenty of people like to walk alone and to really take in the nature which I’ve done maybe once in the whole time I’ve been here. I am a huge talker and though sometimes I wish I could just take in the world around me and listen/clear my thoughts – walking and talking to people in the morning really wakes me up and gets me ready for the day. There’s nothing better than walking in the cool morning air and being able to see a gorgeous view no matter where I turn. It’s very humbling to take this walk and to have daily realizations of “WOW. This is my life right now.” Or, “I’ve never been anywhere or seen anything more beautiful in my life.” Or even, “I’m extremely lucky to be here.” The morning walk may seem like one of the least exciting things about the day, but when you’re in an incredible place such as this, it’s everything.

-Marissa Nappo, 8/1

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