Mindful Practice

A silent group of hikers passes through Mikro and heads up into the mountains, only to stop at a small monastery ten minutes outside of town.  Sitting there silently for ten minutes, a goat passes by, then a horse, then a father and a young child heading up to the Astraka Refuge: “You see all these people here? They will be young forever.”

mindful practice monastaryIt starts with the breath like I’m a tea kettle and steam is rushing into me then out.  An eternity in ten minutes: turn up the volume on the cosmic dance and notice how my partner has been leading this entire time, and leading damn well, all without my noticing.  Putting my feet in the dirt, sitting against stone, and questioning the division between me and it. It’s more than just unplugging my phone; it’s unplugging my mind.  Mute the words, sentences, punctuation, paragraphs, topic sentences, syntax, and theses and just experience in images, temperature, stone, air, touch, sound. I follow the syncopated beats of lizards and leaves.  My favorite part of the day.

– Katherine Willard

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