Measuring Time

8:15 am — one cup of Nescafé with milk
11 am — hot cappuccino no sugar
4:45 pm — cup of caffeinated tea with milk and honey
6:00 pm — iced frappe no sugar

And a siesta in between.

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Is it possible to measure your life in cups of coffee?
If you’re an OYL apprentice member, it may be the only measure of time one has in a place where time seems to simply not exist.

As this Saturday marked the end of our third (only third?!) week in Greece, exhaustion ensues.
I want to say I’m using my free time to memorize Six Seeds lines in Greek but quite honestly, I spend my break sleeping off that extra helping of tsatziki.

Also happening in Playwriting with Bryony Lavery, I wrote a monologue this morning about a homeless musician with only a large stolen bag of potatoes to her name enduring an existential crisis because her Jewish boyfriend wants to move in with her — into a home she doesn’t have.

Will I ever use this monologue ?
I hate to admit that stolen potatoes and busking on busy city streets could very well be in my future, but until then, I’ll be dreaming of that double life during daily nap time in a little place called Mikro Papingo.

A little place currently encompassed by those with some pretty big dreams (and not the sleeping kind.)

— Cayley

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