Learning How to Trust

composition from Gracie Brakeman and Alicia Nelson

The Suzuki Slow Walk
The Suzuki Slow Walk

A Mirror Image
A Mirror Image

A leap of faith
A leap of faith

The Jellyfish
The Jellyfish

Note from Gracie and Alicia: Our background music is 7 Hours with a Backseat Driver by Gotye.

In the piece, Alicia says “embros” (I don’t know how to spell that in Greek, sorry). She also says a sentence about her fears: “I conquered a fear on the hike. I used to be terrified of heights and then I had to hike 16 miles up and down a gorge. I used to be terrified of ants and now I have to roll around on the floor with them.” I also say a sentence about mine: “I’m terrified of self sabotage–that I know I need to make a change, take a step but I can’t. I’m so scared I’ll sabotage my relationships if I get nervous or too comfortable. After I shared this, other people told me they understood and felt that way too sometimes. Now they’re helping me take the steps I need.”

Composition 3: Something new
Places to choose from: the beach, the taverna, first four days w/ Georgia or Leon

* a ritual
* a sweet
* a gift for the community
* a scavenged object
* a radical act of love
* a leap of faith
* a moment of blocking from your Workshare
* a line from Georgia’s workshop

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