Joy and Action

Richard the Rooster inspired me to wake up with heart this morning.

“Congratulations! You made it out of bed!” is what he seemed to say.

Richard, the very loud and proud rooster who lives outside of my room, gave me a passionate, gusto- filled encouragement this morning when I was certainly lagging and was feeling spent emotionally, mentally, and physically… but not spiritually.

I had a lingering bit of sparkle inside me from the thrill of last night’s first performance in Vikos. Ah, last night’s performance in Vikos… still pulling at my heartstrings.

Vikos Performance

As I walked alone across our beloved mountains to Megalo for our morning session, I prayed as always. This time was a prayer of extreme thanks for every little detail that makes my heart soar on that walk. The way a little purple flower adorably curves over and seems to greet me, the way the sun shoots from behind the mountains to shine all over me, the way the warm breeze pushes me along, for a body that can handle yet another uphill, for the gift of another day on this planet, in this gorgeous little place on it. I passed a cafe where a few men were conversing, and I was shocked at how my ears have adjusted to the language change. Greek, while at first seemed impossible, is now tickling a sense of comprehension. It has come to sound comforting and melodious. I smiled a little, did a little  internal dance.

We rehearsed this morning in a state of exhaustion and chaos but with determination to untangle and clarify. We ate lunch together where a deep conversation took place as always. At 5 o’clock pm we all piled up in our shiny pink bus where rehearsed Greek lines meddled throughout. We were on our way to perform show #2 in Aristi.

Aristi is completely endearing. It’s filled with lively, welcoming people who were enthralled with what on earth a group of young Americans performing a play in Greek were doing in their courtyard. Whilst performing, we were surrounded on all sides by people of all ages. Tonight felt more like sharing than performing. The audience was part of our show. Children ran around around us and in the end, even decided to grab and take home some of our props, but not a single one of us minded. We were surrounded by joy and action. We gave. We received.


A spring of joy in my heart came alive from seeing sparkles in the audience members’ eyes- a gift we all gave happily through our show. I suppose in the end that is what I love most about it here. We have been given a charge to put together this piece about hope, a thing of such vital importance, in a mad dash. In the process, we have learned about the importance of giving, of not being afraid to receive, to love, to purely connect to the world around us with grace in our hearts.

Today was a day of doing what my soul loves to do I love in a country that I adore. I feel a full on glow from the memory of elderly people’s kisses on my cheeks, children’s earnest hugs around my waist, thankful for our performance in their village. And I am thankful for them, for here, for this.

“At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair should be messy, and your eyes sparking” -Shanti

… This experience has let me be as I should.

— Caroline


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