Ionninanananananana – Brooke’s Post Part 2

In addition to Meteora, we also visited the city of Ioannina. It is very fun to say, but it is also a very beautiful place. Right next to the giant, gorgeous lake, perfectly framed by tall, rocky mountains, is an old city guarded by a big wall. Inside are beautiful homes and shops.


My favorite was a small antique shop unlike anything I have ever shopped in before. In this structure, which I would hesitate to actually call a freestanding building, was a perfect replica of the collection of prizes and junk Phil shows Hercules in the Disney movie. This shop had piles and piles of trinkets and beautiful metal pieces of art.


The man who owned the shop told us that everything that was not made by him was found in the old city in Ioannina. There were what seemed to be mountains of history and art. The man even stood on his own merchandise to reach something without fear of his ancient brass pieces breaking under him. They couldn’t have. They’ve stayed strong for years. Greece is funny that way. With all of the history here, time becomes so warped. You sometimes forget that the world is still turning.

— Brooke

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