Informing a Larger Whole

Everything’s beginning to gel up here in the mountains…and this is the exciting time. It’s not the excitement that flutters within as you meet new people or finally land in a new and impossibly beautiful place. We’ve been through that, and we did it as a group. It isn’t that breathless and exhilarating excitement of completing a massive hike. We’ve been through that too, and we did it as a group. Now the exciting thing we’re experiencing is a product of many days of hard work and there’s a sense that everything we’ve worked on individually is informing a larger whole.

The movement studies I’ve worked on with the Apprentice Company under the guise of “Clowning Workshops” have informed a small piece of the quality of work being produced here, and that’s an exciting feeling for me.We’ve studied LeCoq’s 7 tensions and the specificity movement as it relates to creating characters. We did an exercise in which one of us started in a neutral tension, as ourselves, entering the space, sitting, and exiting. Then, each actor strived to recreate the “performance” the actor who had gone before him. In the end, we noticed our everyday quirks escalate into the grotesque…and characters were born.

More significantly: we saw ourselves transform through the filter of the group. We’re at a point now in the summer when the synergy of the ensemble is growing strong and the vocabulary we’ve built together throughout the first part of the summer is making sense.


Being a part of something bigger than yourself is an exciting type of excitement, for sure. We (all) recommend it.

— Richard

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