In The Works

In The Works


by Leon Ingulsrud and Brooke Shilling

Workshop Phase

Development has featured: Sarah-Jane Casey, Hannah Cornish, Major Curda, Nathaniel Kent, Akyiaa Wilson, Susannah Wilson

How do we grieve? How do we grieve together? In a contemporary landscape of doubt, confusion and division, two friends negotiate the timeless process of coming to terms with loss. The intensely private mixes with the excruciating and often comically public, while around them the world oscillates between comfort and nightmare.

The Father Who Stayed

Songs by Jeremy Schonfeld Book by Rinde Eckert and Jeremy Schonfeld

Cast: Daniel Rowan, Jen Malenke, Christian Campbell, Kelly Ellenwood, Rinde Eckert, Ryan Dunn, Hannah Cornish, Annalyse McCoy

Following the tragic death of his young daughter Emily Rose, Theseus is left lost and alone in the empty void of their old home. As Theseus re-ignites the magic of the bedtime storytelling ritual they used to share, the house fills with the ghosts of past occupants sharing stories of those who lived and died within its walls. The Father Who Stayed is a musical journey of everyday life, death, and the afterlife in America.

In The Works
In The Works

Pieces of the Moon

by Nick flint

In Development

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A theatrical jazz riff about opposite sides of the American dream in the 60’s. Told from the perspective of Gil Scott-Heron – legendary black poet, musician and spoken word artist – the rise of the Black Arts Movement is intermingled with the Apollo 11 moon mission for an explosion of music, science, race relations and human achievement.