House Dinners – Patrick Moore

The first time I read my blog post assignment, I truthfully figured I had been given a barren topic that would be so boring to write upon.
I happily admit my ignorance.
I think a lot of my fellow apprentices would agree that the house dinners are our favorite, not only because it meant we would be skipping the night hike to Megalo, but it would give us a much more intimate space for the night as well. Sometimes we sing, dance, and laugh like lunatics beyond appropriate hours. On other nights we are quiet; little pockets of energy sharing stories from home and expressing gratitude for one another. Regardless— we are accepted here.
It is such an undeniably special feeling to pass through those blue doors, to be welcomed into a courtyard adorned with picnic tables and hammocks (they’re a hot commodity), neighborhood cats who like to visit (we love them), and smiling faces who always have your back. The titans stand tall in our backyard, gladdened by the actors who tell their tales.
Everyone is fed full: nourished not only by beans, boar sausage, and the pasta lovingly prepared by Kate and others… but by the opportunity to put the days work into perspective. To give it the time and space and honor it deserves, so that we may prepare ourselves as there is more to revisit tomorrow.
The dinners at home supply us with a moment to simply be with one another.
Speaking less so for the group and more so for myself, I had a damn good time washing the dishes! Each night a group of three valiant apprentices must be called upon for a sacred duty. Dishwashing.
Kaiti, Mitchell, and yours truly spent an undeniably long amount of time with this task.
I refuse to disclose how long this act took, but I will tell you that we were silly, we were having fun, and the dishes were cleaned eventually.
We did not win the prize for fastest dishwashing trio (that was suitably deserved by Shayne who is a barista at Starbucks), but we did however win prize:
“The Most Enjoyable to Watch” -Ianthe and everyone else at the little table who was forced to listen to the same song with us. “Promiscuous” by Nelly Furtado and Timbaland if you’re curious. Great song!
I will miss this time dearly. It is here, at this house, at this place and time that I am so grateful for all that I have experienced and endured on this journey. The dinners at what has become our house, is truly magical.
On each coming night I have looked upon father sky, into our glimmering galaxy, and skipped my rippling thank you into the hearts of gods.
A whisper kindly returns to me:
Πάπιγκο is your home.
-Patrick Moore, 8/6

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