Good Medicine

What do I know? What don’t I know? What am I curious about?

I know I am surrounded by good people.

I don’t know how time works here, or anywhere.

I am curious about what sort of medicine this is.


As Jess gathered us for our evening huddle-word-up I heard words like raw, Libra, fulcrum, listening, tired, perspective and entangling. The pomegranate pink sky faded and we were left with ourselves for a little while before dinner.

This day. What is different about this day than all the others? Bryony, our brilliant playwright in residence, had us perform self-written petite plays populated by one-word responses. I marveled at the kaleidoscope of humanity that is presented in thirty seconds. I know these people so well and only for three weeks. Often in theatre settings (and, let’s be honest, in my whole life) I get in deep about the big boulders of life with people and the tiny pebbles that make up a whole other part of friendship and connection are missing. There are gaps. The connections are intense and perhaps deep, but not strong. On the Vikos hike (a million years ago aka yesterday) I remember a company member talking about how laborious getting-to-know-you conversations are and another one saying that soon everyone will get tired and just start shoving food into their mouths at lunch. Ha! But in a way, true. The shoveling has commenced, and we are richer, chubbier and better humans for it. Conversations are babbling brooks with shallow and deep pockets instead of garden hoses turned on and off.

I digress. The play. The play… it’s going pretty OK. Behind schedule, I think, but what play ever feels like it’s growing on time. Ianthe gave a really beautiful speech this morning about how the third week is hard. People feel raw and get a little tired of one another: par for the course for a completely immersive and, for the most part, newly formed community. It was nice to hear that a case of the grumps is OK and that it will pass. Georgia and Kiki, our Greek goddesses of choral love that were teaching us for the past two days, really did some magic on us. I was wondering what the residue of the chorus workshop would be, and lo and behold, it’s a deeper form of listening. Exactly what we needed. Perhaps we are becoming more focused as the performances are nearing. But I think that digging into the words, the resonance of the sounds has made us remember that oh, it’s not just like I’m on a wild adventure of Greek-learning and stretching and mountains and rope and disco naps. We are making a play. And plays are what we love. I am grateful for it.

We had our fourth Leo birthday this month with beautiful Meropi. Dinner was the bomb dot com: coleslaw and some delicious bean stew thing and some mashed potatoes. I got to sit in on an OYL company rehearsal and I saw two humans ardently mime a ping pong match for a good 45 minutes. I am working on a solo project and five of my friends here willingly, even happily took time off from their coveted free time to help me cut, paint, and talk today. I am surrounded by good people.

— Lisa

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