First Week of Classes


Our first week of rehearsals at Papigo, we have had the privilege to work with Adrienne Kapstein: a professor from PACE University who specializes in Lecoq training. We have spent the week working on accessing emotion through movement, and questioning how our bodies can be used to tell story. During our first workshop, we explored how the elements could be represented with our bodies. For example, we pantomimed starting a campfire, and as we blew into the start of our fire our breath allowed to us to fully embody the essence of fire. We snapped, popped, and flared around the space fully encompassing a flame. Adrianne has also emphasized the importance of breath in Lecoq work, and how breath makes actors come alive.

During each of Adrianne’s workshops, we have explored a variety of themes, images, and theatrical devices. These explorations have helped me realize how detail oriented we as theatre makers must be. In addition, I have also realized that an actor’s inspiration can come from any faction of the tangible world – even crumpled newspaper! I am excited to continue applying these methods to my work throughout this month, and throughout my career!

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