Epidaurus Theatre

3AD276A6-ABA6-4321-B860-5A7D208003B8Going into the performance of Seven Against Thebes, I wasn’t sure I would be too thrilled because A. I was exhausted from the bus ride and B. I wasn’t too fond of the play when I had read it.  However, my perspective completely changed when I found myself sitting in the Epidaurus Theatre marveling at its beauty.  Hearing the words come to life and in Greek, was so incredibly beautiful; I was in absolute awe.  The way the performers’ shadows hit the trees behind them, the seemingly perfectly timed barking of the dog in the distance on the line about a dog barking, the brothers’ killing embrace at the end, the sisters’ storm of love, and the unity of the ensemble of the citizens were just a FEW of the elements in this show that blew my mind. 7/7 would recommend!!  1380E2F7-7DBB-40AF-AEC8-0219A5718CF9

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