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Jake reads Missy’s Instagram post

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So before I start I’ll just say I haven’t one this whole “talking for a minute thing” yet, so bare with me.

One of my favorite things about being here so far has been the little family breakfasts we have at South Campus. Every morning all eight of us come together with our communal spread. It’s just really special way to start my day.

Katie: Ugh, we’re out of yogurt.

Missy: A family of eight goes through one tub of yogurt pretty quickly.

Cont. It’s just nice to check in with each other, and sometimes we even practice Greek.

Jake: [Practicing/sounding out] Erchome apo… makria…

Cont. As much as I’ve loved having a group of twenty people I now feel so close with, it’s really special to have a little community of eight that is there for me every morning no matter what.

Missy reads Katie’s Instagram post

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What can you do with 30 minutes, an open road and a walking companion? I learn about ensemble every other second of the day, but on the path between Mikro and Megalo, it’s about the individual. Thank you for sharing with me your childhood stories, happiest memories, first romances, dark moments, times of resilience and hopes for the future. The path is not only transportation to the two villages, but also to our new selves in our old selves and most importantly: a whole new kind of understanding. I was first introduced to you through Instagram, but the path has introduced me to the real you.

Katie reads Jake’s Instagram post

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Before last night, everything I knew about toga parties came from animal house. Now I’m able to say that I’ve been to a real, genuine, bona fide, honest to god, homegrown, free-range toga gathering. Now, I know toga’s aren’t Greek – sorry Liliana – and that they’re a symbol of Roman oppression – sorry, Leon – but that truth is that I had a hell of a time. In fact, I think the ends of the days are my favorite part. Sometimes, it’s drinking at the house – listening to Gokhan practice for his future as a DJ – but always the dinners, the people, watching everyone let their hair down just a touch, building the bonds that make this company tick. And what better place to that than here? Even when we’re rushing to bed, desperately grabbing at any wink of sleep we can wrest from the night, there’s a sense of peace, of silence to these mountains. I can’t imagine a better place to end a day than here.

Jake: Pio meros ine kalitero apo afto?

Missy: Pio meros ine kalitero apo afto?

Katie: Pio meros ine kalitero apo afto?

All: What place is better than this?

Composition 4: Mythologies

Place to choose from: Mikro/Megalo village squares, the road between Mikro & Megalo

* a moment of preparation

* a discarded object

* a treasure

* a sound of a vowel newly heard

* a glass of water drunk in one sip

* an introduction

* a crumbled piece of paper

* a line from The Suppliants

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