Community Meals


One of my earliest memories of my time in Papingo was when I woke up one morning to find that Quetzali made us breakfast burritos. I saw the buffet laid out on the dining room table so generously, the same way I would see many meals laid out in the coming weeks; and although it was just food, I felt the love behind it, the tug of the compassion that would bind our company together in the coming month.

There are few things more culturally significant than food. Regardless of religious or cultural background, most of us can think of a holiday or celebration that is based around a feast of sorts. With that said, twice a day at every lunch and dinner, we as a company have our own unifying feast, our own time to unwind and check in with one another. While productive and often life-changing, the day-t0-day work we do can get stressful, and it’s comforting to know that there are 21 other apprentices, along with the entire company, who’re in the same process with you, backing you up and cheering you on.

Ever since that first breakfast burrito morning, there have been many more communal culinary contributions. Sadie made challah, Anna made banana bread, even I tried and failed to make some weird pasta with cucumbers concoction. But the love of the company is most strongly felt at our meals together. The evening air is cool and calming, but the conversation is warm and familial, toddlers run around and babies cry. It’s an abundant, omniscient peacefulness, one that I think every person on earth deserves, and I have no other way to describe it than to call it Christmas in July.

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