I  began Friday in a reflective state of mind.

The day before, we had all shared our deepest fears with each other. The remainder of the day had been overshadowed by this experience, driving  each of us to seek solace in our own way. My somewhat morosely introspective mental state carried over  into Friday morning, when I wanted nothing more than to make the walk from Mikro to Megalo with only my music for company. Following this, Kevin’s playwriting workshop was exactly what I wanted to start off the day with – a little time to think and be creative.

As we began writing, Kevin reminded us to keep our fears in mind: they were a part of our toolbox and could inform whatever we created. While working, I realized that it was a part of my toolbox that I didn’t want to use.

I spent the remainder of the day questioning how I could use myself better creatively. This experience has made me realize that I’m not consciously accessing my experiences and emotions as actively as I could be when I’m thinking creatively.  This applies to my writing, acting, and even designing.  I’m hoping that I can use my time in Greece to become more comfortable with all aspects of myself and be able to use them to make myself a better artist.

— Aislinn

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