Beginnings and Welcomes


Welcome to One Year Lease Theater Company’s Apprentice Program and Summer Residency blog.

As we enter the 10th year of our work in northern Greece and the 8th year of our Apprentice Program, we are thrilled to share with you, our audience members and supporters, daily updates of our work during July and August.

Please check back often as apprentices, company members and various artists write about their work with OYL. From first hand accounts to photographs to soundscapes and much more we look forward to sharing a tiny slice of life and work in Papingo, Greece.

As ever, we deeply value your responses and encourage you to comment on postings or send us questions.

Writing this from my desk at Papingo on our first day of work here, I am excited to see how our month’s work ahead unfolds and to share it with you here.

    — Ianthe

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