OYL International Program

“Daring to unearth and excavate the modernity of Greek myths, daring to produce them as contemporary theater, and perhaps most important, passing this dare on to future generations. The evolution of the OYL Company is an act of repair, an act of love and hope in a world that is self-destructing before our eyes.”

– Gabrielle Cody, OYL International Artist

OYL International Program is a global program designed to inspire and broaden the artist, deepening their relationship with collaborative performance in an intercultural context. 

OYL International Program welcomes artists of all disciplines (actors, musicians, dancers, directors, designers, dramaturgs, choreographers, playwrights) to apply at any stage in their studies and/or career. We aim to create an international company that is cross-disciplinary, multigenerational, and multicultural. 

Collaborate with and perform alongside our company members in the premiere of a new Greek translation of Ellen McLaughlin’s Oedipus. All artists will take part in all programming, and are expected to perform regardless of their focus. 

Work with OYL Theater Company in the remote, breathtaking locations of Varadenahalli Village, India; Lake Nojiri, Japan; and Papingo, Greece. Intrinsic to artistic activities, programming also includes hikes into the stunning natural environment, as well as excursions into the cultural landscape of each country. 

The 2024 OYL International Program will be helmed by Akiko Aizawa, Amanda Culp, Ianthe Demos, Rinde Eckert, Leon Ingulsrud, Marie Kuroda, Christina Lind, Natalie Lomonte, and Ellen McLaughlin; alongside other company members and artists of OYL.  

2024 Dates: June 10, 2024 – August 12, 2024 (with a possible extension to August 19, 2024)

  • Program A*: Two full months in India, Japan, & Greece 
  • Program B**: One month in India & Japan 
  • Program C: One month in Greece 

*Applications to Program A will be prioritized.

**Program B does not include the final performances of Oedipus.

2024 Program Cost

  • Program A: $11,000
  • Program B: $5,500
  • Program C: $5,500

See a breakdown of what is/is not included in the “Program Info Sheet” below.

2024 Financial Assistance 

We encourage potential applicants to not be deterred by the program cost. Learn more about The Babis Gousias Memorial Fund HERE. Additionally, please feel free to email us at oylfinancial@gmail.com to discuss financial assistance.

2024 Applications

Applications for the summer of 2024 will be accepted on a rolling basis starting November 15, 2023. There is a non-refundable application fee of $49.00. 

Learn more about the programming, practicalities, and application process for OYL International Program here:

Applications are now open

Please note applications are accepted on a ROLLING BASIS, spots are strictly limited and highly competitive. 
Applicants are encouraged to apply early.