The Babis Gousias Fund

OYL is honored to administer The Babis Gousias Memorial Fund with the financial assistance of a generous supporter of the Apprentice Program. The Fund provides awards in the form of scholarships to assist artists in participating in the OYL Apprentice Program.

Babis Gousias was a Greek actor, artist and long-time ensemble member of OYL Theater Company before he passed away much too soon in 2014. His spirit remains with us in the mountains of Papingo during the Apprentice Program and in-line with Babis’ caring and generous spirit, his memorial fund assists disadvantaged artists to have what he would have called “The Greek Experience”, through and with the OYL Apprentice Program.

The Fund will help defray a portion of the tuition costs for up to six successful applicants to enable them to attend the Apprentice Program in Greece. A Fund award may not cover the entire tuition costs of the Program.

Please read this entire page carefully before applying. The link to the online Application Form can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • The current Deadline for Fund Applications is March 25, 2022.
  • Only Accepted Program Applications are eligible to apply to the Fund.
  • Recipients will be notified on or before April 15, 2022.


Fund applicants must first apply to and be accepted into the Apprentice Program. Once accepted, they may apply to the Fund if they feel they meet the eligibility criteria set out below.
Applicants can apply on the basis of one of two criteria:
1) Financial Need – available to applicants who articulate and demonstrate why the program is beyond their immediate financial reach. Financial Need applicants will write a 1000 word essay on their financial situation, and why they believe they qualify for financial need-based support. They will also need to submit their own prior year tax returns and those of their parents. Applicants may include optional supporting documents and information at their own discretion.
2) Minority Community – available to applicants who identify as part of a minority, under-represented or underserved community. Minority community applicants will write a 1000 word essay detailing their experience of and identification with a minority, underrepresented or underserved community. Such identification can be with respect to age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, ethnicity, immigration status or nation of origin. Applicants may include optional supporting documents and information at their own discretion.

General Guidelines

Babis Gousias Memorial Fund awards are highly competitive and sought-after. Prospective applicants should consider carefully whether they meet the eligibility requirements before applying.

We encourage all applicants to the fund to consider other avenues of funding their participation in the Apprentice Program the event their application to the fund is not successful. OYL staff are available to discuss other options past Apprentices have sought and may be available to you.

Submitted essays for either criterion must not be fictional, they must be fact-based expressions of your personal experiences in narrative format.

Selection Process

For Financial Need applications both the Applicant’s and the Applicant’s parents’ prior year tax return must be submitted for considered, in conjunction with the Applican’ts submitted essay describing the financial need and personal circumstances.
Minority Community applications will be considered primarily on the submitted essay describing their identification with and experience of their Minority Community.

After a successful application to the program, prospective Apprentices will be invited by the Program Director to apply to the Fund.

Each application is reviewed in detail by a panel of the OYL Board of Directors Members and Staff. The panel’s decision will be made in its sole discretion, will be final and no further correspondence about applications or appeals are available. 

All applicants will be advised of the final decision on their application. Successful applicants will have 7 days to accept or decline Fund support and their place in the program. Once Fund support is accepted, a recipient will have 30 days within which to submit the balance tuition payment to OYL to secure their place in the program.
One Year Lease Theater Company adheres to a strict policy of inclusion and non-discrimination.

Successful Applicants

Fund Award recipients will be required to submit a Creative Work as a record of their experience of the program. The work can be in the form of a journal, narrative essay, poem, song or other creative expression, as long as it can and is submitted electronically. This work is due 30 days after the conclusion of the program.
Additionally, Fund Award recipients will be asked to write a one page letter to the Babis Gousias Memorial Fund, detailing how the opportunity to spend this time in Greece and experience the Greek culture has impacted their world view and/or experience as an artist and/or any related subject.

The OYL Board of Directors and Staff and the Fund Donor will review these submitted materials. They will be stored as a documentary record of the Fund’s impact. OYL and The Babis Gousias Memorial Fund also reserve the right to publish these submissions.

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