A Not So Sorrowful Break Up with Black Box Theatres

Listen…we need to talk.  I think you and I both know where this is going.  We’ve had a great run from Vassar to Northwestern, Cal Arts to SMU, Michigan to Connecticut College, Atlantic to Ithaca, USC to NYU to Oberlin.  And please know I respect you and cherish our time together but … we need to break up.  To be honest with you, Black Box, there’s someone else.

My New Realtionship
Someone Else

Their name is Warm Wind.  Stray Dog.  Stone Church.  We met abroad in a mountain village in Papingo. Trust me, I know how crazy this sounds; I was skeptical, too.  I mean how could the unstable chaos of an outdoor space compare to the predictability of a black box?  Yet, somehow, it’s exactly what I need. By the end of just my second day I have generated more art from the architecture of Papingo than years with you, Black Box.

I swear after just a morning of Viewpoints here even the rocks jabbing into my feet felt like a prayer of gratitude.

Introduction to Viewpoints

Right now I need a space that can communicate with me…and that’s just not your strong suit.  You sit, day after day, with your mouth glued shut, hand clamped over your mouth.  I know you can be designed to take many forms, but dammit have a point of view.

I understand this may come as a shock, seeing as I’ve called you home for years and have only just met Papingo, but my consciousness is shifting and the limitations of your limitations is expanding.  So…it’s not you, it’s me…but a little bit you.  Like, you’re kind of needy: lights, sound, actual floors …. God it’s like ENOUGH with the DRAMA already.  Papingo only needs what we give to it and it gives back. I know that I’m only here a month and come September our paths will cross again. (I guess this is why they say don’t date people in your friend group.)  And I know we will be seeing each other and working together and I sincerely hope we can all be friends.

Long distance is hard…We both knew that going in, so please don’t take this too personally (just a little bit cause honestly you could use a little improvement).  Please take care of yourself and say hi to your mom for me.

All my best,


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