A Cleanse for Creation

A Cleanse for Creation

Friday it rained for the first time since we arrived in Greece and it resembled more of a monsoon than anything else. It was beautiful and cleaning. The cleanse made missing rehearsal for our Workshare [see photos on Facebook] worth it. It gave us more Greek-time and cleansed our souls in a way that the next day [and performance] wasn’t overly stressful.

We also had our last writing session with Bryony. It was absolutely incredible.* Who knew every single one of us could write like that. It was much more compelling when people presented their work than the day before when we merely read them off the page.


*Her prompts seem so impossible at first but then produce even more creative work than if we got prompts that sparked ideas quickly. For example, I was instructed to write a story taking place in the deep forest about a half-human/half-snake. The challenge was in the first line given by Bryony: “I absolutely loved it because…” If it wasn’t for that contradiction, I probably would’ve written a more bland story about a monster than the layered story with a twist ending I created.

Karen Kitchell

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